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Data drives marketing, but bad data will drive your marketing off course. We can fix your bad data, and fill in missing data to keep your marketing on track.


New customers are the lifeblood of every business. JHL Digital Direct provides marketing lists that help you find your next new customer, and the next one, and the one after that.


You have more data than ever before. How you use it will determine your success. We will help you understand your web traffic, identify customer behavior, and create new marketing opportunities.


JHL has the ability to personalize each individual message you send to inboxes and mailboxes. The result is better sales response with the help of our personalized dynamic content solutions.

Service of the Month

Inkjet Printing

When most people think about inkjet printing for direct mail they think of printing a mailing address and IMb barcode onto mail pieces, and that’s about it. Inkjet printing is much more than that at JHL Digital Direct. Our inkjet printing services were developed to accommodate the many ways inkjet personalization is used in direct mail and other forms of marketing.

It starts with basic inkjet addressing for direct mail. We do a lot of that. Millions of pieces each year – for all types of direct mail piece formats – postcards, folded self mailers, and envelopes of all sizes.

We complement our basic inkjet services with additional capabilities that marketers are looking for to enhance their marketing efforts. These include:

  • Two-sided match inkjet printing Inkjet printing
  • Edge inkjet printing for books and catalogs
  • Inkjet printing onto odd shaped pieces
  • Inkjet printing onto coated papers and plastic substrates
  • High volume inkjet capacity for millions of pieces
  • Inline inkjet printing with fold and glue
  • Matched inkjet printing/tipping for gift cards, reward cards, and membership cards

Our primary focus at JHL is direct mail, but many of the inkjet projects we do don’t go into the mail. To provide the broadest range of inkjet services for our customers we’ve assembled a collection of inkjet systems and inks that provide the flexibility we need to ensure success on any project. Of course, machines aren’t useful without skilled people to run them. Our staff is expert at determining the best process to maximize image quality at a cost effective price.

Inkjetting can be much more than simply printing an address onto a mail piece. Interested in learning more? Call 800-236-0581, or email sales@jhl.com to discuss how partnering with JHL for inkjetting services that go beyond the ordinary can help you win more business.

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Some Of The Folks At JHL

Jim Felhofer Jim has been with JHL since 2006, serving as sales director. What he likes most about JHL is “the entrepreneurial spirit that enables us to adapt quickly to meet our customers’ needs.” When he’s not drawing up innovative ways to help customers grow their businesses, you will find Jim engaging in one of his passions which include cycling and recording music (but not at the same time). He and his wife Diane have two sons, Jordan and Ethan.
Jim Felhofer jim@jhl.com - ext 14
Dan Topel Dan joined JHL in 2015, bringing with him over two decades of experience and acumen in direct mail sales and business development. Dan was recently wed to his wife Mary – so recently that “she still laughs at my jokes,” he notes. Together they have five young-adult children, and Mary gave him two granddaughters as a wedding present. At home in Mt. Morris, IL, you might find Dan out in the yard landscaping, or perhaps savoring a liverwurst and grape jelly sandwich.
Dan Topel dan@jhl.com - 608-201-1721
Serena Menge Serena has served as Project Manager for JHL since 2003. Among the many things she likes about JHL are its “flexibility and problem solving in a team environment.” Teamwork is central to Serena’s favorite activity outside of work, which is watching youth sports. “I love to see development and the passion to get better, or just playing around on a team to make friends,” she says. Her children Justice, Jack and Jai Dee provide her and her husband, Paul, plenty of opportunity to indulge that passion.
Serena Menge serena@jhl.com - ext 21
Rick Bie Rick joined JHL’s Project Management team in 2008, having previously worked in the print industry for 13 years. He likes the variety his position at JHL affords him: interacting with customers, crunching numbers, solving problems. “There is never a dull moment,” he claims. When he’s not at his desk, Rick is bonkers for the great outdoors. As proof, he hiked the entire 1000-plus mile long Ice Age National Scenic Trail together with his wife, Roberta.
Rick Bie rick@jhl.com - ext 27
John Leek “My job is the catch all guy, all the way from shoveling to planning,” which is how John describes the role he’s had at JHL since 1992. He’s stuck around, he says, because he really enjoys working with JHL’s team. Outside of work, John is an adrenaline freak who enjoys shredding fresh powder in places like Alta, UT; tearing up the trails at the American Birkebeiner ski race; and crushing hills on his mountain bike. All of which causes great concern for his wife, Kathy, and daughters Ashley and Natalie.
John Leek john@jhl.com - ext 12
Mike Tans JHL is delighted to welcome Mike, who jumped straight into print estimating, sales and management from UW-Platteville nearly 30 years ago and hasn’t looked back. He likes that JHL affords its team members “the freedom to get the task done the best way possible.” Off hours, you might find Mike gardening, wood working or cooking at the partially solar-powered home he shares with his wife, Gabrielle, and their rescue cat, Thalia.
Mike Tans mike@jhl.com - ext 22

JHL Digital Direct began in 1985 as a small lettershop and has grown to become a full service direct marketing solutions provider serving local, regional and national clients of all sizes. We were called JHL Mail Marketing then. In 2012 we changed our name to JHL Digital Direct to better reflect our core business offerings.

Since our inception, data management has played a key role in our success, and it continues to be our core service today. Our team of data professionals is experienced with data sourcing, data entry, data hygiene, database management, and data processing. We specialize in leveraging data analysis to deliver individualized digital, email and direct mail marketing messages to current and prospective customers.

Throughout our company’s history we have reinvested resources in technology and utilized strategic business partnerships to meet the changing needs of our clients. As a result, we provide state of the art digital, email, digital printing, and direct mail marketing services to handle all types of marketing projects.

With decades of experience partnering with direct marketers, agencies, printers, print distributors and publishers in carrying out a full range of direct marketing services, you can trust that we have very likely worked on projects similar to yours and will apply our knowledge to your specific needs.

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