Direct Mail Production


Direct Mail Production

JHL Digital Direct has been a leading provider of direct mail production services since 1985. Direct mail has changed a great deal since we started and we’ve kept pace, continually updating our services to provide our clients with the most efficient and innovative services to produce their direct mail campaigns.

Inkjet Imaging

When most people think about inkjet imaging for direct mail they think of imaging a mailing address and IMb barcode onto mail pieces, and that’s about it. We do that. Millions of pieces each year – for all types of direct mail piece formats – postcards, folded self mailers, and envelopes of all sizes. We also take inkjet imaging several steps further by offering inkjet services others don’t, such as:

  • • Two-sided match inkjet imaging
  • • Vertical edge imaging for books and catalogs
  • • Imaging odd shaped pieces
  • • Imaging plastics and other difficult substrates
  • • High volume inkjet capacity for large projects

Envelope Inserting

Envelope inserting is a core service at JHL. We have a wide range of insert equipment to handle any job. Our fleet of inserters can handle:

  • • A2 invitation envelopes to 9” x 12” envelopes
  • • Clear poly envelopes and synthetic paper envelopes
  • • Match inserting
  • • Read & write inserting
  • • High volume inserting – up to 120,000 pieces a day


JHL has been a leading provider of polybagging services for more than a decade. In that time we’ve produced more than 100 million polybagged pieces for printers, publishers, and direct marketers who recognize the advantages of polybagging. We offer:

  • • Two high-speed polybag processing lines
  • • Up to 10 insert pieces with a maximum combined thickness of 1.3 inches
  • • Ability to insert unique pieces such as CDs and magnets
  • • Addressing with in-line inkjetting or pressure sensitive labels
  • • In-line tipping and gluing
  • • USPS approved poly
  • • Flexibility to accommodate a wide range of sizes, from small booklets to oversized publications
  • • Capacity to handle jobs of all sizes - from a few thousand pieces to two million pieces and more


It goes by several names, but when the job requires putting things on things JHL can help. We offer:

  • • Tipping for credit cards, coins, keys, CDs, envelopes, brochures and more
  • • Feeders that can handle all types of substrates
  • • Fugitive glue or permanent glue
  • • Match tipping for personalized tip-on projects
  • • Tipping with in-line plow folding

Folding and Sealing

Unless it’s a basic postcard, a mail piece will require folding at some point in the manufacturing process. JHL has assembled a large collection of folding equipment to do just that for a wide variety of mail piece formats. To finish the piece for mailing we provide in-line fugitive glue or wafer seals during the folding process. Our services include:

  • • In-line scoring for folded self mailers
  • • In-line tip, fold and glue
  • • Refold catalogs and flyers
  • • “Iron Cross” folding
  • • Sealing with fugitive glue or wafer seals
  • • Chop folding and tabbing for catalogs

Hand Kitting

JHL continually invests in state of the art mail processing equipment to maximize efficiency for your mail projects. However, even with the best equipment available, the only way to do some projects is by hand, which is why JHL offers hand kitting services. Our niche is kitting projects that also require a logistics plan. We specialize in postal logistics that capitalize on favorable USPS shipping rates for parcels. The combination of our hand kitting services and postal logistics service is hard to beat.

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