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JHL will help you target your most sought-after B2C and B2B customers and prospects online with Direct IP-to-address matching. Direct IP targeting will display banner ads to a specific individual, in a given location, based on their IP address — like direct mail delivered digitally. This cookie-free audience targeting can actually achieve 100% reach and zero budget waste.

With Direct IP Display Targeting, we match your postal address data to our IP address database with more than 100 data attributes, including location, age, discretionary income, gender, and occupation. Once your postal addresses have been located online, we establish a privacy shield to protect your customer/prospect’s personal information. We then begin to serve display ads whenever and wherever they go online. Campaigns launch quickly and easily and real-time reporting is provided.

You’ll be able to leverage the largest opt-in advertising network of 800 million IP addresses matched to more than 200 million postal locations for use in the following marketing scenarios:

Display Advertising

Deliver hyper-targeted banner ads directly to selectively matched locations — just like direct mail.

Display and Email Marketing

Match your records to our opt-in email data to deliver a synchronized display and email marketing campaign through our proprietary email deployment platform.

CRM Remarketing

Acquire new customers by expanding your reach. Match your customer list with our IP and demographic data to create and target “look-alike” audiences for more intelligence prospect targeting.

IP Zone Display Targeting

Whereas Direct IP Targeting focuses on individual households, IP Zone Display Targeting groups demographic and geographically-based clusters of ISP delivery points together. Once grouped, the delivery points are matched to individual postal addresses. Utilizing this method, JHL is able to target larger groups of B2C or B2B customers to help you saturate your message digitally within full zones rather than individual IPs. More than 15.2 million home and 14.7 million business zones encompassing 1.8 billion IP addresses are available. IP Zone Targeting offers 3-to -5 times the reach of cookies and is infinitely more precise than Zip Code targeting.