Specialty Finishing


Specialty Finishing Services

Today’s marketers use clever and creative direct mail piece formats to stand out in the daily mail. Often, these mail pieces require tipping, folding and gluing services in the manufacturing process that go beyond normal direct mail production capabilities. That’s when JHL can help. Our wide array of tipping, folding and gluing equipment has made us the go-to source for specialty finishing services. We offer:

  • • Tipping equipment for keys, coins, gift cards, member cards, and more
  • • Read and Print inkjet services for personalized member cards, gift cards, and other offers
  • • Folding equipment for just about any direct mail piece format, including “iron cross” pieces
  • • Gluing equipment for affixing and sealing
  • • Engineering to perform tipping, folding, gluing and inkjet imaging processes in one inline manufacturing operation

When the job requires specialty finishing services we can help. Call 800-236-0581 or email sales@jhl.com.

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